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a sophisticated

itly broken lotus rain, banana points Lu, misty

wake up, really like to see the rain under the eaves line, off MBT Shoes Clearance the plate of jade beads voices.
Heart of a happy love rainy days.
I Tiaolian out of the house, walked on the veranda, watching the sky blurred ignorant quiet, fresh air rushed in cheek rain,

spilled off the strings of the water line along the roof, hit gems scattered on the stage. Porch Chelsea flap its wings, the

vibration was slightly swaying hanging cage. Profit pool in the Autumn Court, stacked ripple Diego, bamboo garden, Su Ju, Ju

Yi Yin wet color, it seems like a pretty Lingling bear rain standing.
I looked at the landscape silly, smile from the heart overflows, the infected peach dimple.
`" Table stand in the air on how Miss! "Soon Jiaochi, small Lan Chao Shou carrying red lacquer food containers along the

corridors came quickly," said the former slaves prepared some tea, Miss nap until after the table with, do not want to miss

the table actually hair stand here! to blow disease that can be Zensheng is good! "Then we came to mix my arm.
I smiled and avoidance before, "how can there be so easy to disease, Alas Alas, I am now in your eyes is Puliu weak to notice

any line you do not reward a shower."
"Table Miss!" Little Lan hesitated, or food containers into the house first, and then out to catch my reflexive, "cool!

Please return to house it!" After all, she dare not use the strong, only one side to persuade the side of the chase, I smiled

and ran hiding in the verandah, a long time without movement, and right when the gym.
Ran decorated second door, and I almost hit a full one, the man held onto my hand, I take a closer look, turned out to be Li

Gui Hong.
Li Gui Hong Qi said: "my sister is doing?"
Little Lan rushing to expose me, "Come persuade young master, Miss table stood in the wind, Bizi it is please return to the

room, Miss, Miss partial table hide and seek with the slaves, it rains and the wind and cold, blowing disease that can be is

not playing! "
Li Guihong heard a laugh, they come to take my hand, I smiled sideways to hide and, behold, he suddenly picked up my cross,

is straight in front of the house go.
"Ah! You ... let me down ... fast!" Struggle.
He laughed, but not language, but let me break the hands of afterburner.
That familiar smell in the air seemed thicker wet, his body temperature and, after a pass over the clothing and tenderness.
Some suddenly shy.
I got into the house, he loaded me down, I immediately jumped off the step, Zheshi a shame Italy Yangnu said: "Do not rain I

can see it!"
His cheeks are also some reddish, softly: "Sister recovering from illness, go to the wind got it not easy to catch cold."
"Then I put on more like it!" I turned to the small Lan said: "Give me the winter clothes out!"
Lan rip small smile, he smile, "my sister had just recovered, and stood for a long time not tired, did you see the run, to do

this when it comes to that spot of joy."
"This easy to solve, give me a chair, on the Lang Yanxia is 啦 ~" I see him raise his chin, peach dimple smile, charming

language Han Chen, with a little pure little seductive.
He looked at me journeying, Jing Si stunned.
I quietly, poking his index finger gently on the shoulder, he was abruptly Huiguo Shen, blushing, laughing the next, and

said, placed a chair in the porch couch sheltered position.
Hey, conquering the honey trap, even if the bladder is another invincible oh.
`I have fallen on lean beauty in the pear, was covered by sheets of milky white yak hair blankets, it is used in the Western

Region Gui Hong Li, AM fabrics, he carefully tucked the edge of the blanket, looking like I was wrapped in a white worm

section only satisfaction of sitting next to the chair, and come with me, quietly looking at the court in the autumn.
Rapture sky.
I have classical complex childhood, I have thought if born in the ancient lock of hair would certainly have three, two parts

clothing, wide sleeve garment, silk with the wind, nothing will be the implementation of the round fan Tingting curl, sigh Lu

Yinshuang, flower lovers get up early the DPRK, love Moonlight sleep late, Jushui months in hand, get Meixiang full clothing.
If you love the rainy days to catch up, may wish to sit in the window, watching Chelsea comb Ling porch, listening to the

courtyard Yudabajiao, stonewalls and making a fuss.
Michong decadent life of sin ... ah ...
Now even really wear over, though unwilling to get people passively, but true that not a day then I would like to? Living now

sitting here, in the Five Dynasties porch and enjoy the rain Later Zhou Dynasty King, what injustice it.
As they come, the security of the strike.
`" Sister love this rainy day? "Maybe I was entranced too long, he finally could not help but ask questions.
"Ah," I Huiguo Shen, nodded and said: "the rain the most appropriate fuss, Spring and Autumn is also the occasional pleasure

of life."
"Oh?" His eyes bright, laughing: "This statement made a deep and unique, and only sister to fear is out."
I laugh, "the best matched ChetBaker the cooljazz ... ..." uh, that, I know slip of the tongue, busy branch off: "This people

can not help but think of the weather 'late autumn thousands of rain curtain' sentences like it, it should be When the

occasion. "
He was watching the court in autumn, whispered Yin said: "Six Heritage grass with air, space, Heritage and the same Humilis

cloud free. Birds to birds to mountains, the people who cry acoustic songs in the. Autumn rain curtain thousands, sunset

Rendezvous a flute style. melancholy without cause, see Feng Li, Yan Shu mixed lakes East. "(1)
He whispered chant, the melodious winding mian, Qingwan moving, Yin stop, turned around and told a small Lan, "Shaw went to

the library to pick up my" gentle look me, "Sister Love Du Mu's poem?"
"This is the first of his favorites, in fact, there are many poets I also like to read this masterpiece of Hong Danjue hold

in mouth mouth does feel good," he smiled andMBT Shoes Sale nodded, I continued: "As a boy I do not know the beauty of Tang , grew up only

experience was one of those mighty artistically, Song writing poetry to die, a small country with few people blindly

subjugation of the gas ... ... "suddenly Jing Wu, I hasten to shut up, really see him being exposed head wondering, really

more than words will lost ah, careless slip of the tongue actually being represented that Song ... ...
Too relaxed ... ...
Fortunately, this time Lan has turned a small decorated second door, walking towards the light came here, her hand holding a

green branch Tong Shen Yu Xiao, bright red silk sash as she wanders up and down steps.
`Like a bamboo pole, Ying Ying grip in his hands, his fingers, slender and beautiful, convex joints, fingertips gently press

the hole in the Shaw, he sat himself up, a little of a condensable gas, Xiaosheng Qingyan, leisurely spit it out.
Quiet Xiaosheng, a light dispersion in the autumn afternoon, especially wrapped mian moving.
I listen to that Xiao tone, soften and sometimes, sometimes clear and cold, waves and sometimes majestic, sometimes slightly

small ripple ripples, and the corridor outside the rain, the water seems to have Huan Huan, Dan Ding Yong came soft, shrink

from flowing around the I have the drip.
Zhen Qing Xi, I wash my tassels; Kaleidoscope cloud Come, I wash my feet.
With the last sound submerged in autumn, he slowly lowered the arm, gentle smile, said: "There is clear after listening to

pollution, but also your sister Yazheng."
I shy smiles: "I do not understand the instrument."
"Sister, listen to what is blowing out Yuxiong?"
I gently shook his head, "I do not know Tune, only to find there seems to flow through, raging rapids, sometimes Koizumi ha,

and it is related to water it?"
Big bright light in his eyes, holding my hand broke: "The sister said good! Ya will sub-period is <water> ah!" Magnificent in

his eyes, than we have in the water potential curve also Sheng, majestic Chung came to ... ...
I was excited: "to blow one, and I like it."
He smiled, put my hand, slightly thinking, in turn Xiao Qing Tu sound.
The music and just different, seems to bear patiently in a sad song, keyed Resentment, such as the grief endured, from which

to worry, not cut off, fine identified, isolated city is also mixed a hint of sunset Kuse, Wind and Smoke in the desolate

desert , hear the song, actually had all the answers like a helpless, helpless thousands of desolate, sometimes all rushes on

the heart!
Days, more and more dark, sad autumn evening, Qifeng students cold, cold Xiao sobs, Anhen ecstasy.
I stared listening to some trance, only Yi Sha, cheeks, is a wet cold.
An end, he turned his head, is to see my pear rain, he was surprised, leaned over, gently wipe away the tears upon my neck,

his face pained look on both the pity, it seems happy with a little pleasure, He softly said: "This is Wenji of <胡笳十八拍>

... ..."
I see.
The breeze, I made dough whisk Binbian broken face, I looked at him fall Yi Lian Lian, speak, meaning song proudly, even

Yuning pharynx, a long time, it gently to say one sentence: "You're a good blow."
He held out his hand, and put my hands wrapped in palm.
Diffuse through the fingertips warm up, my cheeks softly with hot ... ... I'm pumping hands, but that he grasped tightly, he

looked at me quietly and said nothing.
Seems to be a thousand words, the end is not open.
Only the court in the rain, to uphold the rhythm, splash sprinkle jade beads.
Note: (1) "title Xuanzhou Kaiyuan Temple pavilion, you Wan River, River home folder people," Tang, Mu, the word animal

                  Chapter 6 has been classified according to Choi
Dense rain, the weather desolate Shen.
I thought the questions that linger long, when asked to, is the time bar.
"That thing, you could tell me," I looked at him and asked: "how could I in the coffin?"
He looked a condensate, hands slightly tight, stay a moment, sighed softly, his eyes sweeping the circle on the porch,

suddenly exclaimed loudly: "small-Lan!"
"Bizi in!" Little Lan smiling down from a sitting room drilled out, trotting near to, "Master told something?"
"Mo is with me clean up the studio, you start with ... ... I play a sophisticated culture room where the equipment, sheet

Miss combination, although the fetch."
"Ai ~" Little Lan should be a cry, and Xing XingMBT Shoes UK went to the head.
Lee has watched the TV drama corner Pathetic Guihong disappeared decorated second door only after Chen Sheng-side capacity

said: "this is a long story ... ..."

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toggle switch

In the Landon came a new master, as well as MBT Shoes Clearancevain, became a princess, and the largest empire in the Milky Way Princess, who is

so contrary to the unexpected. Should also quickly go back and look, in vain

The thought we had it. "
    "Ying Yang is the distressed princess laughed." And now it is in trouble, have always been taught master Renton,

tearfully imperial princess who meet to do the moving parts, every action must be re-

Re thousands of times, until it became instinctive. Even as the talent in vain to death have been practicing to live in, it

is interesting. "
    Blade's eyes to look in the eyes of all. So Young Eagle will know.
    Ying Yang talking, the eyes have not forgotten observed in four weeks, all kinds of windows filled with an array of

goods, but as the number of master Yang Ying Feng need only glance, you can map them all

Into the bottom of my heart.
    Suddenly, the eagle eyes of an Ning Yang, eyes sharp as razor-like shooting at the side of the floor at the end of this

corner. Precisely, the pile of ore piled in the corner, a few crystal-like ore.
    "Could" Yang Ying heart Juzhen, that he knew the kind of ore Shizaitaixiang material was.
    Ying Yang patted Katrina, with a pedestrian cross the floor, went straight to the corner, pick up a crystal stone

carefully looked. Yang Ying's eyes almost look at the molecular arrangement of permeable spar,

Although he can not do this, but enough to make him understand the hand piece of rock crystal.
    An unprecedented sense of joy filled the hearts of Yang Ying, a first Dangqi ripples, then the number of quiet giant

    "We are afraid to go back later." Ying Yang said the back of Katrina, he raised his crystal stone, "This is the Silicon

Body of four hundred and eightieth IX Negotiations
    Katrina, of course, clear that the importance of silicate. Ying Yang Jianli special! Company. Fuzhou to collect

resources, and leave the solar system, visiting the planet of the market, the acquisition of so many minerals, but also for


However, these resources are rare and even then, far less than 6 on the existence of a large floating silicon mine.
    Mine is the crystallization of silicon material, the man of God can the two communities with its unique technology, the

silicate into a variety of known substances, but this process is irreversible, other substances can not be turned into


    This alone is sufficient to explain the importance of silicate, while silicon is 6 on a floating mine and a lot of

reserves, and with the progress of Yang Ying practice, but also the edge of the big six new expansion out of the land

Find new ore source, but after all, is not unlimited, silicon is a non-renewable mineral resources.
    Ying Yang everywhere gather resources, precisely in order to replace the use of placer in the solar system and there have

been no natural state of silicate, Yang Ying and therefore have been floating that exists only in large placer 6

On, but now see the planet in Faro, how can we not be excited!
    "Congratulations, sir." Katrina light laugh.
    Ying Yang, though next to a pavement near to find a blue-skinned Heya people manager, directly asked: "pile of ore out of

the corner. Is where they came from?"
    The manager just to see Yang Ying, a pedestrian rush around to the ore-dimensional ago, apparently purposeful, and my

heart will turn to playing, feel that they are a business opportunity. He rubbed his hands, revealing a functional

Industry of the smile: "guests, outside the pile of stones put there a long time, I can not remember some of it. However, you

can take a look around our shop characteristics of goods, if you buy something back

Go, maybe I'm pleased, wanted up! "Then also called obvious wink. An profiteers temperament arises spontaneously.
    "Heya people say that money should not life, but not even dare to extort higher civilization, and indeed worthy of the

death of the Galaxy for their money ring reputation."
    Ying Yang saw him this look like, where the hearts is not clear, look for a condensate, will direct the operation of a

temptation to go out, and again asked: "Hyun told me you stand outside, where the pile of ore is

In the past? "
    "You look at our restaurant or bar products. I really do not remember." Store manager did not intend to relent.
    Yang true charm once again set technique: "You womenMBT Shoes  are too, quickly say it."
    "No, no, I do not remember." Shaken like a rattle, like the manager, "I have already answered many times, guests why you

do not believe it? You even asked again several times, remains to this

An answer. Even if you master the spiritual power that the existence of the first grade, second grade, third grade, though he

does, will that affect the mind trick, but that did not use me, you know,
    He pointed to his head: "We have done business for each Heya brain implants. Mind has a mind chip. By the Orion Arm of

Garland Star who ranks first out. Although the price

You a little money, but let us mind control spell the immune, or dare, and so many kinds of higher civilization, ethnic

business, would not bear the consequences of death? "
    Young eagles do not get angry, a small manager's difficulties, he only when the breeze brush hills, do not be surprised,

but feeling a bit like to laugh, has in mind: "The interesting interesting universe is really no

Wonders, the book's customs agency Shao Falu planet, particularly mentioned Heya people this group. Did not mind, only the

front met, before we know the book said is true. Groups

One individual can do in this level is not surprising, but the book that they are like a group, it is really had to wonder,

Heya people die for money to the extent of the universe can be considered

In a wonderful work of the. "
    Speaking, their fighting men had a similar clones with the brain's intellectual charm of brain surgery to help them

influence the immune, but did not think Garland stars also have similar technology, does not

Him turn a thought, so normal, and technology is an objective reality, not only allowed out of their own research. Others do

not come out of the truth.
    Although Yang Ying thinking that the strong protect the chip and then also stop the coercive power of mind control.

However, the chip will not be hard to say and intellectual brain, is not in the spiritual strength to resist foreign invasion

Eclipse, when the self-destruction.
    Heya people with money do not look at the custom of life. It is quite possible, is not willing to lose money rather die

of a race, what a business career for a family of ah!
    Finally, Yang Ying was the manager of the store to spend a million dollars singer, bought some small mechanical products,

of which one is the manager particularly recommended, can translate the language of thousands of species of high

Smart turned Ze robot.
    Both finished goods such as silver, the manager did smile: "The guests, you see, my memory is really a jerk, only now you

are asking what to think of it, really teach you have bought."
    Yang Ying said: "Well, no BS, and the pile of ore in the end where they came from?"
    Manager nodded: "the words out of the pile of stones, in fact, one captain on a Xinbu consignment of me, if you need it,

I can for you to contact him, he should not leave

Faro. "
    "Well, I need to see him as soon as possible." Ying Yang thought for a moment a little back, we think of this Xinbu

people, is ranked Orion arm by comparison of higher civilization, after a race, only a few
    Department only. Higher level of civilization in the race no status. Yue and other civilized races of course, is already

the Big Mac has.
    A pedestrian in the store for half an hour or so. To see a figure came in a hurry. Rumble to say some words, people did

not understand.
    Ying Yang looked a bit come to see him whole body covered with folds of skin, sweet face and ass about face, but it is

powerfully built body to the extreme. It is the standard size Xinbu people.
    The manager came up and Xinbu communicate a few words, they came together.
    Manager smiled and said: "Guest, you do not understand Xinbu language bar, it is really good, oh right. I do not want to

offend you, I mean, it shows you just bought is now turning Ze robot

Immediately have an opportunity to show, you see. OUR faith to customer service, even you do not mind. Have thought of for

you! "
    There is one fact that needs put a translation of the value of three hundred thousand singers robot currency, and in Faro

planet, as long as the singer spent thirty dollars. Will be able to hire a proficient in language and Xinbu singer

Ze language translation three days.
    Ying Yang noncommittal on the manager's cheeky, handed back a wink, a nod, a ghost agent, came to just buy before turning

Ze robot. Open the back of the circuit board, toggle switch

. Be started.
    Robot is a humanoid form, only the hands and feet, whole body wrapped in silver metal, it raised his head, his eyes lit

up, turned around and looked up aMBT Shoes UK holographic projection head and chest, projected

A holographic control panel, listed above, dozens of commonly used languages.

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